Corporate Finance

Ordinary Finance

In most cases SMEs do not own the resources and competencies to draft a business plan and/or economic-financial budgets, which are critical tools for planning, programming and control, necessary for governance and/or management in order to have a steady stream of data and information aimed at supporting important decisions, fast.
STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMEs with the following professional services:

  • Analysis, evaluation and definition of the corporate business model;
  • Drafting of a corporate strategic plan;
  • Drafting of business & financial planning;
  • Drafting of an annual economic/financial and equity budget;
  • Drafting of periodic financial reports;
  • Drafting of the treasury budget.

Low-interest Financing Consultancy

In most cases, SMEs do not possess in-house resources and competencies to draft business plans and/or economic financial budgets, which allow the governance and/or the management to access low-interest financing funds and/or instruments.
STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMEs with the following professional services:

  • Analysis, evaluation and definition of the corporate business model;
  • Drafting of the corporate strategic plan;
  • Scouting and selection of appropriate low-interest financing funds and/or instruments;
  • Drafting of the business plan aimed at the identified instrument;
  • Drafting of periodic financial reports.

Structured finance and M&A

M&A (Merger & Acquisition) operations draw their origins from a complex analysis of those strategic, financial and economic aspects, whose optimization represents a critical element for the success of the enterprise.STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMEs with the following professional services:

  • Market Screening;
  • Evaluation of the target enterprise;
  • Deal feasibility analysis;
  • Structuring of the deal;
  • Negotiation of the deal;
  • Assistance from the entering up to the way-out stage;
  • Monitoring of the deal;
  • Acquisition and transferring of shares, stocks and blocks of shares, companies, company branches and trademarks;
  • Leveraged and management buy-out;
  • Group building;
  • Start-ups;
  • Agreements and joint-ventures.

ACQUISITION DUE DILIGENCE STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMEs with the following professional services:

  • Analysis of the performance of the company to be acquired;
  • Identification and analysis of the key elements for determining a fair acquisition price;
  • Identification of the potential risks;
  • Optimization of the financial and fiscal position;
  • Drafting of price adjustment, warranty and indemnity clauses and their implementation.


STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMEs with the following professional services:

  • Identification of the key factors which provide the value of your company;
  • Filling-in pro-forma financial information;
  • Analysis of past performance, drafting or revision of a business plan;
  • Organization of data management for the disclosure of information also through electronic and online means;
  • Step-by-step consultancy during negotiation;
  • Optimization of the financial and tax position;
  • Assistance in the drafting of price adjustment, indemnity and warranty clauses,
  • Assistance in the management of possible disputes or claims.

STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS also boasts a proven track record in raising capital for the development of enterprises and SMEs, specializing in the structuring and syndication of extraordinary corporate finance operations.

STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMEs with the following professional services:

  • Writing feasibility studies aimed at possible operations on the markets, namely quotations;
  • Accompanying the issuing company in all the complex operational steps of a quotation process, directing and coordinating the different subjects involved;
  • Organizing loan in pool operations;
  • Organizing debt operations, such as debenture loan and issuing of mini bonds;
  • Accompanying the issuing company in all the operational stages of the issuing and in the syndication of a debenture loan.

The circumstances of financial stress characterizing this historical period of the life of SMEs, which date back to both the excessive levels of debt and temporary periods of crisis, call for the adoption of intervention plans aimed at rebalancing the equity structure and at aligning the operating cash flows available with those required for debts.
STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMES with the following professional services:

  • Analytical monthly modelling;
  • Renegotiating of the existing financing and finding of new funds;
  • Assistance in the reorganization of the financial position;
  • Drafting of debt rescheduling plans to suppliers, the welfare and Inland revenue ;
  • Securitization of credits and/or tangible and intangible assets;
  • Issuing of debenture loans;
  • Structuring of other equity interventions aimed at turnaround;
  • Assessment of the value of assets being worked-out.

For external/internal reasons, companies may face, in the course of their history, periods of more or less temporary crisis, which cannot be solved without resorting to specific provisions introduced by the current regulations.

STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS supports SMEs with the following professional services:

  • Execution of business check-ups;
  • Identification of the type of restructuring (art.67 bankruptcy law; art.182-bis bankruptcy law.; art. 160 bankruptcy law);
  • Drafting of the economic-financial plan;
  • Sworn certification of the economic-financial plans;
  • Assistance in the negotiation process  with creditors;
  • Monitoring in the implementation of economic and financial plans.

Project Financing

STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS also supports  SMEs dealing with PROJECT FINANCING structuring.

It focuses on supporting clients in those activities required for the development of a project which needs “project financing”, specifically:

  • Assistance to the project sponsor;
  • Organization of the technical structure, of the conditions and of the timing of the operation;
  • Economic-financial evaluations and consequent inspections of consistency and feasibility;
  • Organizing the relations with the institutional investors of the projects;
  • Assistance in debt capital raising from financing bodies.

Company and Financial Statement Consultancy

STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS provides SMEs with professional assistance in all the planning, analysis and implementation stages of financial statement and company models, in particular:
a) Current regulations analysis ;
b) Organization of the business model;
c) Identification of the most suitable company structure for the objective identified;
d) Drafting of the financial statements in compliance with statutory regulations in force as per BASEL.

Programming and Control

STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS provides SMEs with its own professional services in the following fields:

  • Planning of the governance structure;
  • Organizational analysis of business functions through activity-based techniques;
  • Analysis and engineering of business processes;
  • Organizational planning at a micro and macro level;
  • Analysis and definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  • Development of operational procedures;
  • Drafting of job descriptions;
  • Dimensioning of organizational loads and of staff through what if and benchmarking analysis tools;
  • Quality assurance of business processes;
  • Control of the allocation of resources by activity, process, function, product and user.