Corporate Finance – International Consulting

STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS has been an independent “financial advisor” working for Italian enterprises in Italy and abroad since 2000. Its “mission” is to offer innovative solutions to enterprises, especially SMEs, acting as an independent and qualified partner.
The challenge for STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS consists in the collaboration with entrepreneurs and/or managers of small and/or medium-sized enterprises during the decision-making processes aimed at defining the best strategic choices and/or the optimal financial paths, from the earliest steps up to glocal expansion, without excluding any possible option of business reorganization.

In its – brief – life, STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS has also developed a proven track record in raising capital for the development of enterprises and SMEs, specializing in the organization and syndication of operations of extraordinary finance.
It also boasts  expertise in the sponsoring of complex operations and in corporate restructuring through its international partners and the market of capitals. In periods of scarce liquidity and difficulty in obtaining steady or long-term financial means, the alternative provided by the venture capital or private equity as well as by the issuing of obligations can be discriminating for the life and growth of SMEs.
Since the beginning, STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS has understood that a distinctive factor of success for the development of SMEs is the expansion of their horizons, not only in terms of markets, but also of the positioning of business in a territorial perspective going beyond national borders: in a word, “internationalization.”
This explains the focus on operating towards a specific close area providing several business opportunities, such as that of the Eastern-European markets, and especially the Balkans. This strategic approach has allowed for the development of international collaborations which generate development opportunities for Italian enterprises.

Antonio Schiro

Founder of Studio Schiro & Partners

Born in 1970, he took a degree in Business Economics at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, with a dissertation on quantitative business methodology titled “Financial statements in the Rumanian book-keeping system”. A chartered accountant and an auditor, he has always been researching the topics of corporate finance and internationalization.That led to an intense and constant training activity aimed at the specialization in the professional fields of corporate finance and international consulting, attending masters and courses at the most famous Italian and international training schools. He began working as a self-employed advisor, founding STUDIO SCHIRO & PARTNERS in 2000.He is a member of different boards of directors of private and public institutions, of banks, and of financial, industrial and service companies, both in Italy and abroad.The experience acquired at an international level, as well as his being an expert in the field of corporate finance, are the bases for his professional training business.

Antonio Schiro is the founder of the Mongolian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, of the Sistema Association, a free association of Italian enterprises in Serbia, which was rebranded into Confindustria Serbia, a foreign branch of the Italian Confindustria, of which Schiro is the Vice President, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Balkan Confederation – that is Confindustria Balkans. Italian and english CV available for download

Anna Mazzali

Partner of Studio Schiro & Partners

Born in Lendinara in 1975, she got a degree in Business Economics with honours at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with a dissertation titled “Control in companies working to order. Analysis of a business case”.
Later on she attended training courses at Milan’s Ipsoa and Ifaf finance schools, where she studied the techniques of corporate finance, as well as business organization. This preparation has allowed her to develop a specific professional profile, perfectly matching the needs of Studio Schiro & Partners, where she entered as a financial analyst, to become an active partner in 2002.
She is also a brilliant trainer in the courses organized by various industry organizations.

Italian and english CV available for download

Eleonora Ferrighi

Partner of Studio Schiro & Partners